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A Compassionate Approach To Divorce And Asset Allocation

Last updated on December 7, 2023

I have guided my valued clients through the dissolution of their marriage using care and compassion through out all related aspects of their divorce.

Minimizing Conflict In The Dissolution Of Marriage

For many clients, filing for divorce is their first interaction with the legal system. Divorce can be a difficult and stressful experience so whenever circumstances allow, my strong preference is to help my clients finalize their divorce without expensive litigation.  Making choices about the welfare of your children, property division and other marital asset allocation doesn’t have to be a challenging and stress-filled endeavor.  My goal is to help clients find a way to cleanly end their marital relationship with a minimum of delay and expense.

Negotiating A Settlement For The Dissolution Of Marriage

When parties who are divorcing have children, it is especially important to remember that the parents will always have a relationship with each other and with the children after the divorce.  I am of the opinion that if a parent loves their children they will do their very best to get along with the other parent as circumstances may allow.  A negotiated settlement allows my client to better control the terms of their divorce, which allows for better working relationships in the future.

When Going To Court Cannot Be Avoided

When mediation is impractical or unsuccessful the judge must then decide the case.  I have represented clients in contested family law cases since I became a lawyer and I am experienced and firm when need be, in order to protect the best interest of my client and the children. When the balance of power heavily favors one spouse over the other, physical abuse is involved or couples simply have a fundamental disagreement over what is fair, going to court may be required. I am a highly experienced litigator and have represented hundreds of clients in divorce trials. I will fight for fair child support or alimony payments and make sure that child custody and visitation arrangements make sense for everyone involved.

The Division Of Property

Illinois is an equitable division of property state, meaning that your marital assets are not necessarily divided 50-50, but based on what the court thinks is fair. This leaves a lot of room for judges to use the courts discretion when dividing property and liabilities. I will put my experience to work in making sure that assessments are fair and accurate and create a decisive legal strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Contact A Divorce Lawyer With Decades Of Experience

If you have decided to take steps to end your marriage or if you have already filed for divorce, I can help. For an initial consultation, contact me at my Naperville office by calling 630-717-7877 or filling out my online contact form.