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A Compassionate Approach To Divorce And Asset Allocation

As a divorce lawyer for many years, I have guided people through asset allocation, property division and dissolution of marriage using care and compassion. I founded my firm, the Law Offices of Michael D. Canulli in Naperville, to serve as reliable legal counsel for my community.

Minimizing Conflict In The Dissolution Of Marriage

I know that for most of my clients, filing for divorce is their first real interaction with the legal system. Arriving at the difficult decision to end a marriage is a stressful and emotionally draining experience. Whenever possible, I prefer to help people work their issues out at the negotiating table rather than in the courtroom. Making choices about the welfare of your children, property division and other marital asset allocation doesn’t have to be a challenging and stress-filled endeavor. My goal as a divorce lawyer is to help couples find a way to cleanly end their relationship with a minimum of drama and conflict.

Negotiating A Settlement For The Dissolution Of Marriage

I believe that the best way to get through a divorce is by working with your spouse rather than against them, especially when there are children involved. If your divorce ends up in court, the process will drag on, and legal fees will grow continuously until a final settlement is reached. In addition to saving money, going through mediation gives you more control of final decisions. Rather than letting a judge you have never met make life decisions for you, you and your spouse will agree to terms. You should also remember that if you have children, you will still have a relationship with your ex after the divorce. A mediated settlement typically gets the post-divorce relationship off on the right foot.

When Going To Court Cannot Be Avoided

I do understand that mediation does not work for everyone. When the balance of power heavily favors one spouse over the other, physical abuse is involved or couples simply have a fundamental disagreement over what is fair, going to court may be required. I am a highly experienced litigator and have represented hundreds of clients in divorce trials. I will fight for fair child support or alimony payments and make sure that child custody and visitation arrangements make sense for everyone involved.

Guidance On Property Division And Dividing Marital Assets

Deciding how your marital assets should be divided is often the most contentious part of the divorce process. When divorces go to trial, failure to agree on who gets what is frequently the main reason mediation was not successful. Illinois is an equitable division of property state, meaning that your marital assets are not necessarily divided 50-50, but based on what the court thinks is fair. This leaves a lot of room for interpretation. I employ forensic attorneys to ensure that all assets are identified and accurately reported. I will put my experience to work in making sure that assessments are fair and accurate and create a decisive legal strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Contact A Divorce Lawyer With Decades Of Experience

If you have decided to take steps to end your marriage or if you have already filed for divorce, I can help. For a free initial consultation, contact me at my Naperville office by calling 630-717-7877 or filling out my online contact form.