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Litigation: When Conflicts Go To Court

In my decades of private practice as a litigator, I have seen the law evolve and change. As an appellate lawyer, I have argued cases before the Illinois Appellate Courts and the Illinois Supreme Court and contributed to the ever-evolving legal landscape. I founded the Law Offices of Michael D. Canulli in Naperville to serve the community and advocate for my clients’ legal rights.

Advocating For Clients In Court

In the practice of law, it is always more efficient to settle a conflict or a case before it requires litigation. But every lawyer will also tell you that’s not always possible, nor is it always in a client’s best interest to do so. No matter what the case may be, whether it is a case in civil court, like a divorce case or a personal injury matter, or if I am defending a client from criminal charges, I will go to court if it is in my client’s best interest to go to court.

Appellate Work: Arguing For Reconsideration And New Laws

During a trial, there is a lot going on, and mistakes can happen. When a legal mistake affects the outcome of the case, there can be grounds for an appeal. If the case could have potentially turned out differently had the mistake not been made, the case may be appealed to the Illinois Court of Appeals. After a case is heard on appeal, the decision from the Court of Appeals can be appealed one more time to the Illinois Supreme Court. However, the Illinois Supreme Court is selective regarding which cases it will hear and will often only choose a case for review if there is an aspect of the state laws that needs to be clarified.

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