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A Naperville Divorce Attorney: Defining Custody And Visitation In Illinois

A separation or divorce can be a difficult transition for everyone involved but especially children. With decades of experience in child custody cases, I founded my firm, the Law Offices of Michael D. Canulli, because I am dedicated to helping clients in the Naperville community with their legal challenges. When families go through the transition of a divorce or separation, I am a divorce attorney who will help my clients try to minimize the conflict as much as possible for the sake of the children.

Child Custody: Negotiating Parental Responsibility

Previously referred to as custody, courts in Illinois now designate parental responsibility. Courts will generally designate responsibility to one parent, but they also can divide the responsibilities depending on the facts and circumstances of the case. Parental responsibility is essentially the power to make important life decisions on behalf of the child and includes:

  • Schooling
  • Health care
  • Religious upbringing
  • Extracurricular activities

Negotiating parental responsibility as part of the divorce process can help establish the necessary foundation to be successful co-parents. Dividing and clarifying roles and responsibilities minimizes conflicts and sets forth expectations. Making the major decisions in a child’s life and clarifying how they will be brought up can also help avoid additional conflicts down the road. However, if one party isn’t participating in these negotiations in good faith, I am fully prepared as your advocate to take stalled negotiations to the court if necessary.

Visitation And Parenting Time In Illinois

Typically, in Illinois, a child lives with one parent, and the other parent is given regular time with the child. Each parent is expected to make daily decisions on behalf of the child when that child is with them. Respecting each other’s parenting time is an important part of co-parenting. When one parent is interfering with the parenting time of another, or if changes need to be made to the parenting plan, I can help.

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